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I am Tired

This poem talks about very sensitive subjects and could be triggering for some. Take care of yourselves.

Trigger Warnings // Social Issues

The crimes against humanity I'd commit if it could guaranty my vanity I admit,
my mind isn't always a peaceful place.
My starved population of prisoners.
Thieves and liars.
The fires that burn them from the earth.
My scorched lands and tarnished sees.
I am up to my head it fees.
I feel like my debit has finally caught up to me.

My mind and body have been given the ability to consent to a concept people will judge for.
The choices that I make with my own flesh and blood should be mind to make but instead, they've been taken from me.
Surrounded by misogyny and transphobia it makes things harder to cope with.
A single persons ignorance is all it takes.
The wishes made while blowing out candles on cakes are on there way here but
I am starting to wonder if I'll be alive to greet them when they land.

The "perfect date" of walking on the sand down a beach with a hand in my hand thinking, why wasn't THIS planned?
Instead, I have to hear about the deaths of my sisters being beaten in the streets and
all the world leaders ignoring the rising heat.
I am waking up within an America that has yet to be great as it runs on greed and hate.
Then when minorities groups together the ones in power like to go, "Hey, we can relate!"
How is this our fate? This isn't safe.

I am growing up in a world where speaking out is a sin, but lying is forgiven.
Where I am a sinner for making a personal decision to live the way I want and
the cherry-picking religion sticking hypocritical cynical false prophets of the world will condemn my decision to become who I please.
A world were people in my nation still believe my skin color is an inclination that
I am up for dictation and I am sick and tired of this relation.
I am tired of the death and destruction for nothing but monetary gain.

I am starting to hear the rain.
There isn't proper health care for the poor and insane.
The rich kill remorselessly in vain.
The ideals that our current president pushes fuel the people who wish to split me by the vein,
and everyone at the bottom of the totem pole is meant to sit back and watch.
This isn't the horror movie I paid to see.
I demand a refund for the cruelty.
Our humanity should be worth more than humor for thoes that wish death apon me.