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This poem talks about very sensitive subjects and could be triggering for some. Take care of yourselves.

Trigger Warnings // Suicide & Self-harm


I can remember my first attempt.
The night was cold.
Stars were out.
No one around.

The sounds of crickets, wind.
Time is slow.
Seconds turn to Hours,
Boardom turns to tears.
My sight brings out the channels of fear. From the first step to the second.
I reckoned my commitment to infringe on the promise. The calmest of times caused the deepest of crimes.

The thieft of care,
My Despair,
This isn't fair,
What more to take?

As my life moves slowly like a leaf falling from a tree. Getting uprooted and raked,
Hidden and quaked,

The haunts that build,
for the lions thrilled.
My colapsed lungs to broken to breath the names. All the claims gone up in flames.
They hurt like labor pains.
Tracing veins,
cutting lanes,
they still remain,
Engrained in the skin,
Retained in the mind,
Maintained for the replays,
The edits,
The forgeries
The medics,
The lonely nights,
The busy days.
Frightening heights,
Bitter ways.