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This poem talks about very sensitive subjects and could be triggering for some. Take care of yourselves.

Trigger Warnings // Traits of Depression

I want you to hear me.
Cause things you see will never be true.

You see me as whole, as full.
I'm as empty as the hope I build on.
The dwindle ash of the fire I once was.
The roar I would produce could make shock waves.
The hallways were always so abandoned.
As if everyone decided to skip class.
And the only thing I was good for was being used as a hallpass.

I don't understand my worth.
It's as unknown as the sea.
The answer to my purpous beats me.
It's slowly picked apart neatly.
I'm a detainee to the darkest parts of my mind.
The ones I can't understand.

If you've ever spent time with me you'll see.
The moments where I sit in silence are the real me.
Now this is the past that I remember.
The one where my mind was dismembered.
Thoughts and questions scatered across the page. "You'll feel my rage!"
My recolection of my defender.