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Breaking Point

This poem talks about very sensitive subjects and could be triggering for some. Take care of yourselves.

Trigger Warnings // Suicide, Self-harm, Grooming

My dead eyes despise lies that thrive hives of throwing knives to pierce thighs.
Bleeding from veins creates more to cry.
Determine a nation to form relations.
We're lazy and complacent.
Forever grazing.
The dead emotions glazing my broken bones like hazing.
Tearing away as my tough skin degrades.
I depend on the raise called a strangers appraise.
Dependent on my crave to be degraded and tamed.
I'm pitiful at best and shameful at worst.
The curse of my memorialize hearse fills me with remorse for devising my demise from this earth.
I constantly question my worth.
Critique my features like a film and point out the sins my main character commits.
My oversexualized body and mind planted from the seeds of an elder.
Now she sells her self to make up for her broken self image.
Repent and replenish my pride.
It is not I who decides, but my vilified mind who strives to define my place in mankind.