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I never took to dating my poems but I can still recall writing each one. Here is an opening to what I go through and the art that came from my suffering.

At the bottom of the page are hotline numbers for anyone who is suffering from depression, abuse, or is thinking about running away.

!!Newest Poem!!

The Five W's

This is one of my newest poems that I've written. It follows me asking myself the five w's. Who, What, When, Where and Why. The constant theme is me questioning who is to blame for my abuse as a child. As well as me expressing the anger I hold towards my parents. I do love them dearly, but there are things I have yet to forgive them over.

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A Life

This is probably one of my favorite and longest poems. It takes you thought my first suicide attempt and the following years that I suffer with depression. I'm happy to be in a better place today but it doesn't hurt to know where you've been.

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Breaking Point

This poem I actually started writing during work. It's about many issues I go through. The main theme of the poem is about the sexual abuse I suffered through my childhood.

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While the name is Fear, the poem isn't actually about anything I fear. Most people fear the unknown. So take the side of me that I keep hidden from my friends, family, and world. It's unknown and to be naturally feared.

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Here I tried to capture what I like to forget. So when I refer to my pain, I do so with the hopes that I won't think of it until I'm ready.

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You know how sometimes you'll take the scenic route on a roadtrip? This is how I address the way I grieve with my first suicide attempt. Recalling the way I felt and what was going through my mind.

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I'm Tired

So many things in the world bother me. Many happen over and over, or in some cases, are just ignored. Read me talk about this in my poem.

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At the time of writing this I was in a relationship and going through a rough patch. In retrospect, I failed at communicating properly. Yet in the moment I looked at my ex and saw them as not loving me in the way I needed most. So why include something like this? It's art.

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As my friends and family know, I am transgender. Except this is the only poem I've writen about any aspects of my gender identiy and the reality I face. So here you'll read about how gender dysphoria effects me and my personality as a trans woman.

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This is one of the few poems if it's kind that I've writen. It is extremely personal to me and is very "private." Except most of my poems are extentions of myself and emotions. With that being said, I feel comforable sharing this.

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