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I go by Rayna. I'm a chill, open-minded girl, which is just a place where I can talk about things I find interesting. So if you want to stay, stay. If this isn't your thing, no pressure, no hard feelings. So to not give away too much, I'm 18, trans, and an artist. I have tons of poems that I think you'd like (or not like). Some of them are dark, and some are uplifting. I use it to help me cope, so anything I write about it just like a rant. Me spilling myself. Some pictures that I have aren't mine, and some are. The flowers you see at the top, I didn't take that picture, but I have some that I did take. Every now and then, I'll edit a video so you might see some of that and if you know any music, not all of it is mine, but I'll let you know when it is!!!